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Dun dun dun

Hello, everyone! I am new and I wish to claim Snape/McGonagall, Tom Riddle/McGonagall and Hooch/McGonagall! Yeah...hard core.

I hath also come hither with a gift!...And I don't think that made sense.

Me, Pookie, a_newheart4xmas, have made a special RPing community just for the Adult Harry Potter characters for all you HP fans. And I am going to whore around here and ya can't stop me!! *you delete the post* Damn...


Its just all about their lives behind teaching, catching trouble makers, and doing borning stuff for the ministry! And more of focusing on their love lives and what-not. (Het, slash, and femslash are all welcome.) They're a lot of posistion open for those who care! I would love for you fine people to come and apply! Come on, you know you wanna.....Come, we have cookies on the dark side.

So, feel free to drop in and take a looksie!^^

wands_and_roses (So romantic, isn't it?)

I hope this was okay, if not...I am sorry and you may lock me in a room with Filch and Umbridge. *shudders*
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